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Fratellus: Alex Cole by saowee Fratellus: Alex Cole by saowee


Name: Alex Cole
Age: 27
Birthday: 9/30
Height: 5'10"
Weight: (thinking about it)
Ethnicity: American
Country of Birth: NY, USA

ID: #243
Rank: Agent
Branch: Sword
Weapon/s: AK47, .44 Magnum, M4 Assault Rifle, Mark II (22-01874), Brass Knuckles(?)
Cyborg: Anastasia

Personality: Lax | Fair | Easygoing | Logical | Levelheaded | Worrywart | Responsible

Alex doesn't always want anything stressful in his hands so he tends to enjoy life as much as possible by letting things just go on with life eversince he was young. He doesn't like to compete with people especially if its just a small issue that sometimes leads to making people think its his fault even if its not. Although, he doesn't like it when unfair situations comes to people who are innocent especially when it involves kids and when issues are about kids, he has the tendency to worry about it. He may look unserious most of the time but he knows his responsibilites even though he complains about taking a task. Alex is also a bit elusive but once you talk about the same interests and agree to discussions, he'd be friends with you.

-Succesful events
-His bed
-Black coffee
-Math and Science
-Action and comedy movies

-People that don't listen
-People who can't stop talking
-Unauthorized entering of his room
-Being stressed


Alex's is the eldest the family.  His parents separated when he was 17. Their mom left them and his dad was the only one left to support them, after that happened, his dad remarried and left Alex and his siblings. His father sends support for them but its not enough so he had to work for additional funds. From the very start, Alex knows how to be a responsible person to the people younger than him. It became a practice for him to do that so when the issue between his parents happened, he acted asap for the sake of his siblings and years after that incident, he was able to graduate and continue to work as a a math teacher to elementary students. He was 22 when he became one.

Since he lacks attention from parents in the past, Alex grew attached to his students and after 2 years of his work as a teacher, a hijacking happened while he was on a bus trip with his students. The bus tumbled over and only less than a half of Alex's students survived the accident and the the police wasn't able to capture the suspects. After the incident, Alex resigned from being a teacher and thinking that it was his irresponsibility that made that situation happened even though nobody was blaming him for that. Rumor tells him that suspects could also be terrorists. That was then he found out about the agency, thinking that if he joins the group, there's a high chance of bigger network or intel to find who's behind that hijacking incident and to find the suspect himself. He then trained how to use weapons in preparation for joining the agency without his family knowing it. 

*He got stressed when he knew about using children for combat. And he was overly stressed about that situation in the agency.


Anastasia - (Cyborg) a girl whom he doubts abilities when they first met because she looks harmless. Alex always tries to leave her behind on mission related trips because he worries for her safety and after all, she's too young for violence. He treats Ana as an innocent girl and he gets stressed all over when she disobeys him especially in the middle of fights.

(For the checker: Forgive me for my awkward engrish and typos. ;__; )
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addaline Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student General Artist
bishie niisan :iconureshiiplz:
Somvold Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job and like the simplicity of the design.
zombriefs Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
HOT PAPA :iconhhhhplz:
Sasha1378 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
Cool :) The AK47 kinda looks like a Thompson M1 though :p
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014
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saowee Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist
feel free manabon, G. I dun even know what I'm saying orzllll
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